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Businesses large and small benefit from well designed security lighting that eliminates shadows and hazards, making your premises safer and easier to access. From emergency lights to backup light systems, pathway illumination, and so much more— we have the low-cost security lighting solutions you need to protect your investment 24/7.

R&B Electric, Inc. has perfected security light installation. We employ highly technical staff who are:

  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Respectful
  • Trained in the latest safety protocol
  • Hand-selected licensed electrical technicians

You can count on us to deliver top craftsmanship and a large selection of quality products to suit any style preference. During a free consultation, we’ll listen to your expectations and budget goals and produce and actionable plan that addresses your needs exactly. We’d also like to extend a free written estimate that is easy to read and upfront. This makes planning expenses and timelines for other building services much less stressful for you. With set start and finish times, we guarantee your deadlines will always be met.

Top Benefits of Implementing Security Lights on Your Commercial Property

Giving your patrons and staff a sense of comfort and increasing visibility is a proven way to deter issues such as theft and vandalism, and accidents like slips and falls. Here are some of the top benefits you can expect when you install security lights:

  • No shadows mean potential intruders will have nowhere to hide.
  • Well-lit areas assist your security cameras in gaining clear footage.
  • Painful trips, slips and tumbles can be avoided by lighting up areas with uneven or atypical geography.
  • Clients and employees experience a greater sense of ease when exiting and entering well-lit buildings and parking areas.
  • Modern technology means security light energy expenses are lower than ever.

Installing Outside Light Controls and Motion Sensors has Never Been Easier

If you are concerned about wasting energy, installing outside light control systems, motion sensors and other energy saving measures like LEDs are a great way to get the lighting you rely on without incurring a lot of waste. Clients and employees will get a huge sense of relief knowing the lights will always come on when they need them. Here is a short sample of just some of the lighting systems we can design and install for you:

  • Halogen exterior flood lights
  • Solar flood lights
  • Outdoor motion lights
  • Motion detector light switch and controls
  • Walkway lighting
  • Exit lighting
  • Parking lot light systems
  • Hallway lighting
  • Factory lighting
  • Warehouse security lighting
  • Office security lights
  • Private home security illumination
  • Fluorescent outdoor security lights
  • High intensity discharge (HID) lights
  • LEDs
  • Timer security lighting

Installing Garden Lights Extends Usability and Safety

A garden surrounding your property not only increases the value of your investment, it also makes your business an inviting and enjoyable space for your patrons and clients to do business with you. Extend the usability of your gorgeous hardscapes by installing garden lights that can add magic and create an ideal atmosphere free of any scary dark corners or uncomfortable areas. With fast turnaround times and as little disruption to the flora and fauna as possible, you’ll be enjoying walks in the garden after dark free of worry.

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