Commercial Rewiring Service in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and Marshall

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At R&B Electric, Inc., we have spent years connecting local businesses with commercial rewiring service and customized solutions to complex electrical issues of virtually every type. From your initial consultation, to an exceptional finished result, we put your best interests first, making sure your investment is safe from top to bottom. Each of our hand-picked commercial electrical contractors is licensed, bonded, insured and certified up to date in all industry and safety training. The depth of our experience has seen us partnered with organizations like:

  • Offices and professional centers
  • Community halls
  • Department and boutique retail stores
  • Veterinarian clinics
  • Auto dealerships
  • Schools, universities and colleges
  • Police stations
  • Government buildings
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Private residences
  • New commercial, residential, industrial, and retail buildings
  • Warehouses and storage facilities

If you suspect there is a problem with any of your energy management systems, we can send out a fully equipped commercial electrician right away, or help you decide whether a regular service visit is more appropriate.

Commercial Electrical Wiring – Permits and Electrical Code Compliance

The electrical code that governs all commercial electrical wiring is updated every four years and provides ridged standards that contribute to the health, safety, overall environment and well being of your property. We stay up to date on all changes to make sure our work remains in compliance, no matter how recently amendments to the building code have been made. Most electrical wiring installation requires permits that must be applied for and obtained in advance of any start dates. We will help you make sure your application is filled out properly and assist you in completing any preparations that will ensure a successful permitting process.

Value Pricing on All Electrical Rewiring Services

How do you get the best pricing on electrical rewiring services without sacrificing the quality of the design, products and installation? You do this by working with a company who have spent years streamlining solutions for businesses like yours. We’ve articulated our service to provide comprehensive resolutions to any wiring problem or challenge. With transparent quotes, exceptional project management, and innovation that takes your future plans into consideration, we’ll connect you with the best cost-savings and responsive service in town. The following is just a small selection of ways we can contribute to cost and energy savings, and your long-term prosperity:

  • Fixing ancient code violations like knot and tube and aluminum wiring
  • Upgrading electrical wiring to support new appliances and machinery
  • Re-wiring or moving lighting, updating fixtures, switches and controls
  • Underground re-wires
  • Custom commercial electrical wiring
  • New panel and system rewires
  • Wiring in upgrades appliances and custom machinery
  • Air conditioning rewires
  • HVAC, electric heat, furnace, boiler, and heat pump wiring
  • Security system and video surveillance wiring
  • Data and computer system re-wires
  • Telecommunications wiring expertise

The Authority on Your Unique Electrical Wiring System

Local companies spanning a variety of industries have relied on our electrical wiring system expertise for a number of years—and so can you. Ignoring problems with the conduits that make it possible for electricity to power your business is dangerous and can result in costly repairs, potential for loss of life, fires, electrocution, and many other undesirable and unexpected surprises.

Call us now to book an appointment to meet in person for a free assessment of your wires or re-wiring plans. We’ll put together a comprehensive quote and work schedule that will help to minimize expenses and downtime.

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