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R&B Electric, Inc. makes taking care of potential fire hazards and problems with wiring and conduits simple. No matter how large or complex your infrastructure is, we have the years of experience, proper certification and excellent project management skills to back up exceptional results. As local electricians, we have spent years troubleshooting a variety of commercial electrical repair problems for companies in virtually every industry. We have an extensive knowledge of building code, safety requirements and industry training that allows us to move quickly through your project, meeting deadlines and keeping everything running smoothly, as expected. We are:

  • Licensed
  • Bonded
  • Insured
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Innovative
  • On time

Electrical Wiring Repair

Tripped circuit breakers, outlets that no longer work, flickering lights, and power surges are all examples of good reasons to get in touch with an electrical service repair company who puts your needs first. Don’t wait around for hours wondering when your electrical repair technician to show up. We’ll be there on time, for every appointment with you, and we come equipped with high tech tools and all of the advanced machinery we need to diagnose and resolve the problem quick. Here are some of the most common reasons for repairing wires:

  • Heating and cooling systems aren’t working correctly, are making strange noises, or thermostats need to be re-calibrated.
  • Lights are flickering, bulbs are burning out too rapidly, and lights aren’t coming on when they should.
  • Outlets stop working.
  • You’re experiencing power surges.
  • Breakers are tripping often.
  • Appliances are not functioning as they should
  • Aging wire needs to be replaced or updated to meet current safety code, especially in the case of aluminum wiring.
  • Telecommunications systems are not installed correctly.
  • Circuits are overloaded.
  • Risk of electrocution is magnified when water is present.

Low Rates on Responsive Electrical Outlet Repair

When one or more outlets stop working, it can sometimes go unnoticed for a time. That is, until extension cords and power bars start adding up, and there are is no safe place to plug regular equipment in. Overloading outlets in this way can cause avoidable damage and the potential for shocks, fires, and other bodily harm. Take care of electrical outlet repair as soon as possible. It’s quick, affordable, and pain-free when you partner with us.

Fuse Box Repair

A blown fuse can lead to many potential headaches for local business owners. Older technology is less reliable than it used to be, especially with ever increased loads and aged breakers and safety controls. If one or several of your fuses stop working, it’s a good sign there is a deeper problem that should be addressed by experienced commercial electrical contractors. We’ll help you discover ways to reduce energy expenses, complete fuse box repair and upgrades fast, and save time and money.

Call us for the best rates, turnaround times and customer satisfaction on commercial electrical repairs of any kind. We offer regular and 24-hour appointments to help keep your investment safe and productive around the clock.

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